Hi! I'm so glad you found this page.

I saw an idea like this on another website, and wanted to add something similar since I loved it so much! (*Jacey Biermann)

I love what I do - getting to tell someone's story, and celebrate them will always be my favorite thing about photography. It's never lost on me that this passion was put on my heart by the Lord - and I really hope that if you get anything from my page, it's that I try to reflect Christ in my life and the way that I treat people.

Life can be a really hard and weird thing, but is so much better when we work together to encourage and love people really well. So that's what this little spot is - every quarter (three months) I want to choose someone that YOU nominate for a free, thirty minute session. Submit someone that has always shown up for you in the valleys of your life, or someone that celebrates your victories like their own. Submit your best friend - your neighbor. Submit the person that inspires you, the person that's changed your life. Submit someone that celebrates your accomplishments like their own.

Submit them, because I want to celebrate them too.

I can't wait to hear about the people that run the race with you. I'll reach out to you via email if your nominee is chosen. Let's get through this weird life thing, together ♥