Blogging me is back... WElcome to!

I've had a number of different blogs over the years. I love to write, I love to share pictures, and I love sharing all of that in one space. I've always had a hard time of staying committed to blogs, though. I'll be on fire for about a month or so, but time after time, I always let doubt creep in. I wonder if I actually have anything worth saying, or if anyone even cares about the things i'm sharing. I would constantly critique my words and my photos, to the point where I would always end up taking everything down.

I don't need to explain to you how weird 2020 has been. What I will explain to you, though, is the impact it's had on me. It's made me feel deeper for our world than ever before. A lot of things have broken my heart. But, i've also seen how quickly everything can disappear. How at the end of it all - what matters is the people in our lives and how we love them. So i've cried a lot - but i've also explored more than ever before. I've read more books, ran more miles, cooked so many new things, and done so much more of what I would normally brush off with 'I don't have time for that.'

We always have time. We have to stop wasting ours by sitting around and believing the lies that we aren't good enough, or pretty enough, or aren't worthy of all the things we desire.

2020 has made me acutely aware of precious our time here is. Nothing of this world is permanent, and I don't want to live life constantly worried about the appearance of things.

The Lord has really put photography & blogging back on my heart in a new way, and I feel more excited than ever to talk about the things I love, share my photos, and really celebrate this life the Lord has given me. I want to share more of our Okinawa adventures here, and fearlessly pursue the things that make me happy.

I'm learning that no matter what I do or worry about happening - the time is going to pass anyway. I don't want to be paralyzed by the fear of, 'Oh it will take way too long to ever become successful at this'. Because no matter what - the world will continue spinning.

I guess what i'm really trying to say is that it really is never too late. It's never too late to start the blog, to open the business. It's never too late to send the text, or make the phone call. It's never too late to at least try.

& how comforting is it to rest in this truth: You won't be passed over by what God has for you.

So welcome to this space! I hope it brings you some joy & maybe even inspires you a little.

All my love,


PS - shoutout to Kylie Austin Photography for the photo of me - she's incredible!